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Kydex Gear Warranty

All of our hand made products have a 1 year warranty...If it breaks we will fix it.

All of our products are made in the USA.

Every item is inspected before it ships, if for any reason you are unhappy with your product there is no money back guarantee, but we will work with you to get your issue resolved.

Attempting to repair your holster yourself withour direction from us will void your warranty.

Please carefully inspect your cart and your invoice. After placing an order you have 48 Hrs to change it before your order is locked in place and you will be charged 25% if work has already begun. Making changes before it goes into production may delay your order.

We are not responsible if you shoot yourself while using one of our holsters.

Kydex Gear FAQ

Q: What is a "Sweat Shield?"

A: The uppper-back section of the holster used to reduce the amount of contact between your weapon and your skin or clothes.

Q: "What is the turn around time on a holster order?"

A: Turn around times vary, please email sales@blackcentertactical.com for current lead times.

Q: "Will Kydex scratch my gun?"

A: Yes...so does shooting it or using it to train with. Safe Queens need not apply.

Q: "I ordered 2 of the same type of holster, why do they look slightly different?"

A: All our holsters and pouches are hand made, custom items, they will not be identical.

Q: "Can you make a holster for my; (insert type of firearm here)"

A: If they make a Bluegun for it, or you can provide me your firearms for a few weeks, then I we make something for it.

Q: "You quoted "X" amount of weeks to make my gear and its gone past that, where is my stuff?"

A: Sometimes circumstances arrise that delay holster production...like life...we apologize in advance and will do everything possible to get you your gear as fast as possible.

Q: "Will you send me free gear so I can evaluate it and write a review or make a video on my YouTube page?"

A: If you have to ask, then the answer is no.

Q: "What is an RMR cut?'

A: RMR is a type of holographic weapon sight that needs material removed from the holster into order for it to fit correctly.

Q: "What is an open/closed bottom?'
A: This describes how we finish the bottom of the holster, closed we leave more material at the end so there is no gap i the Kydex. On an open bottom, we remove enough material to leave an opening at the bottom. The opening will vary depending on weapon model and customer requests, but is typically left open to the fabricators artistic choice.

Q: "What sizes are your seat shields?'

A: All sweat shield sizing is based on what the customer orders, (low, medium or high), yet it will vary based on the weapon model and the fabricators artistic input.

Training FAQ

Q: "What gear do I need?"

A: See the minimum gear requirements posted in the training session you are looking to attend.

Q: "I missed my class or something came up, can I get a refund?"

A: We do not issue refunds for training, but we will give you credit towards another class.

Q: "Where does the training take place?"

A: See the location posted in the training session you are looking to attend.

Q: "Can I use my magazines that hold more than 10 rounds?"

A: We are not authorized nor have the intent/capability to enforce state law.
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